Basic Information
Fostered in Taiwan

Manchester Terrier / Basenji / Mixed


Name: Pon

Adoption Status: Overseas adoption and currently fostering in Central Taiwan. We will arrange Pon to fly to his new home once he has been adopted.

Sex: Boy (Neutered)

Age: 6 months old (as of February 20, 2010)

Breed: Manchester terrier and Basenji mix (our best guess)or we called
Formosa Mountain Dog

Color: Unique tiger brindle

Weight: 17.6 lbs / 8 kg

Personality: Affectionate, cuddly, love to be with people, fun loving, loyal, smart, very energetic.

Medical Record: has been de-wormed, is up to date on all of hisvaccinations, and is micro-chipped, neutered and tested negative for heartworm, and canine distemper.

Vaccination: Puppy shot on December 26, 2009
8-in-1 on January 9, 2010
8-in-1 booster on January 24, 2010

Rabies: December 25, 2009 (Expiry date: December 25, 2010)

Microchip number: AVID151155693A

Photo Album: Click here to view more detail photos of Pon

If you are interested in adoptingPon, please email your completed Adoption Application Form along with Preliminary Adoption agreement is initialed to Tinaqantas260270@yahoo.comtogether with pictures of inside and outside of your house and current pets if any for us to view. Please note Pon is part of our international rescue efforts and will be flown to the Bay Area (YVR) Vancouver International Airport on the next transport ONLY if a permanent home can be found for him beforehand. Please consider Pon for your new addition. There is a $500 adoption fee (Cash, VISA or Master Card only) which goes to help cover only a portion of each dog's medical and transport expenses. A home check will also be required because we do want to be sure that each dog goes to an environment suited to them. Please note that we don't have shelter facility in Canada, so please considering carefully again before this overseas adoption

Pon's Story:

This is the story of two little brothers and sister. They were born on an empty lot where many strays wander around. They never knew whos their parents, never knew there are proper food in the world, and never knew the dangerous they are about to face. But they managed to survive until the rescue came. Although little sister, WaWa (little doll in Chinese) already had a broken leg (hit by people), now let me tell you the story of each of them.

Pon is the big brother we guess, because he has the biggest size. He has unique fur, like tigers fur. Pon may be the largest in size of the three puppies but he scares of every little thing. Once he leaves the room, he gets scared by the sound, cars, but when he gets into the house, he plays crazily with his brother. Pon is still a puppy; he loves people, but when he is playing with his paw pals, people are not that attracted to him. Since they are all rescued and no foster homes to stay, they can only stay at the vet clinic and be kept in the crates most of the time due to very limited space. Its been a long while to wait for a true home. Because of been caged for too long, Pons paws have started to deform slightly. And also due to been caged, its hard to train them to do the business on pee pads. Although they are safe now, yet a forever home is what they really need the most. They have never been loved and cared for, never had a family. Could you give Pon a forever home? Could you give him what he needs?

This smart loyal furry kid will devote all his love to you completely. Please email your adoption application to Thank you for willing to give Pon a loving forever home